Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you choose us for borrowing or lending money, you can firmly believe in the fact that your personal information will be secured with us. We never use your personal information without your acknowledgement and enables you to update this information at anytime.

We are aimed to achieve our customer’s and companies trust internationally with our extremely stringent privacy solutions. For any questions about our privacy terms, feel free to contact us.

We can collect your personal data including name, physical address, email-id, contact number, suitable time to connect with you, age, citizenship, your residential status, income tax, loan amount required, ways you get your income and more as required. By submitting your information, you confirm that the given information can be shared with the third parties to get your loan approved. We keep the right to share your information with third party following their specific laws. Your information can be used by the third party in order to process your loan request or in case of incomplete request. Third party can use your information for any legal reason following their lawsuits.

We hereby, declare that your privacy rights are maintained while you are using our website. This policy is applicable whether you use our website through desktop or mobile or any other gadget. We are only liable to provide you security while you are on our website and not to other websites owned by third parties or creditors.

While accessing our services, you confirm that you are minimum 18 years old and legally qualified to enter into and produce contracts under the related law.

Ways to collect information

Traffic Data-similar to other websites, the information is automatically gathered from the browsers such as IP addresses, domain serves, variety of web browsers used to access a website, type of content searched on the website etc.

Cookies are used to store the website on a user’s computer, cookies identify everyone as a unique user. The cookie sessions are used to evaluate the type of website usage by a user and provide better user experience and help in using the website in a more suitable way.

Cookies are the temporary files that automatically delete when you close your browser. If you do not want to accept cookies in your computer, set your browser setting to refuse the cookies prior to navigate the website.

At any time, when you access the website, you are liable to follow the latest Privacy Policy terms.

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